infinito Mare teamed with the awarded designers Rodrigo Brenner e Maurício Noronha from the Furf Design Studio to create a truly ecological, democratic and high-impact response. 

The Caravel is a sculptural urban intervention that instigate

curiosity and raise awareness about pollution and environment.

Through algal bioremediation, it is possible to treat, at a microscopic level, water pollution in large cities using a costless, renewable and natural resource, with a mitigated operational impact.

The Caravel enhances the application of this method in a simple, effective, scientific and poetic way.

A single Caravel (10m²) produces approximately 350g of dry algae (biomass) per day and has the potential of a daily removal of 10g of dissolved phosphorus in water, a key factor when promoting bioremediation. Periodically, the already developed algae are harvested from the Caravel and subsequently dried to become feedstock for the production of biofuels, protein for the food industry, fertilisers for the organic agriculture and also for the production of bioplastics - to manufacture more Caravels.

The Caravel is a result of a design approach upon a scientific base to create a process that can bring forth positive impacts to the Planet.

Cleaner waters can improve the state of an entire environmental cycle, reduce energy consumption and cost of traditional water treatment facilities, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve the quality of life of the population and wildlife.


More than raising a flag, our goal is to hoist sails. Not to discover new worlds,

but to unveil a new consciousness over this one.

The Caravel project contributes to 12 out of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.