The course of "Sustainability" was developed for those interested in participating on the construction of a more just and conscious society. The course addresses the different levels of sustainability of processes and materials, social and environmental, as well as scientific and economic sustainability for the modern society.

Here, we will be able to understand the historic evolution of the environmental impacts promoted by human since before the industrial revolutions, and incorporating the challenges of the "newly" Third Industrial Revolution.

In the course we will be able refine the identification of environmental impacts related to human activities and we will exercise the techniques and methods regarding Ecological Footprint, Carbon Footprint and Water Footprint and learn how to relate them the sustainability of the every project.


The estruture of the Course of Sustainability was applied successfully on the Professional School Centro Europeu*, whereas Dr. Bruno Libardoni lectured to students with ages varying between 17 a 34 anos, in a specialisation course in Product Design - Solutions to Impact the Futuro*.

*This course was supported by  the Clean Seas campaign of the Brazilian UN Environment. The structure of the course was created by Dr. Bruno Libardoni.

No dia 28/05/2020, o Pedro foi o último convidado da primeira temporada da Infinito Talks.

Ele nos contou um pouco sobre os projetos em que trabalha, os quais já contaram com a participação de mais de 100 mil crianças por toda Portugal.


Essa prosa foi sensacional e o tema:


Educação e conservação marinha em Portugal

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